These comments assume you have a copy of Burl (Red Moon Press, 2012) nearby. This is an intentionally “naïve” reading. It is full of good will and acts of patience with oneself and exasperation too. This naïve reading does not assume anything is already disposed of between the reader and the book at hand. Zero […]

How often I slip on the slick leaves The Unequal pulls me up again   Notes The haiku is a “fall” haiku — the season is the scene of such happenings. Which happenings? The energy is leaving the world — leaving the leaves, which are rotting underfoot. Yet that energy — or is it a […]

Before I’m awake I make the coffee, the smell alone is enough   Is this worth the trouble of counting the syllables?  Is it more than a finger exercise? Perhaps the subject matter involves one in such doubting questions.  If so, perhaps it’s more than an exercise. Nothing wrong with a little exercise.  Somehow being […]

AS of 2 AM 20 August, I now prefer the most “objective” version of all   The critic’s glass house all lit up in the small hours the kitty’s playtime   “Critic” draws more context from “glass house” including the maxim “people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones” which is what the proverbial […]

a zig and a zag the little white  butterfly is bigger than life Juxtaposition is the essence of haiku. The two sections are asymmetrical — not only is one section shorter by more than half, the role played by the shorter one is to orient our view of the longer one. This instability of temporal structure […]

the small crowd erupts all eyes on the ball which seems not about to fall   Language structures experience. Words are sounds. The poet plays with words to fulfill his desire for a good poem. A good poem after many readings blends into one hyper – sound. The word ecstatic comes to mind. A sound-narrative […]

Revised 21 vi 2016; 25×2016 On the Kigo as an Image of Desire Haiku is a hinged form. The single line — Japanoese kigo– is often spoken of as a cultural given, a seasonal word everybody in the language community understands,  a sort of fixed point. I’d rather say it is an index of the DESIRE […]